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Mountain Culture PC West Coast IPA

  • IPA
  • ABV: 7.1%
  • 500ML CANS


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It’s a crazy world out there at the moment, hey? Now Mountain Culture doesn’t want to get political… so they won’t! Instead, let them introduce their newest West Coast IPA. It has a mix of their favourite American hops along with their homegrown darling, Vic Secret, and together they provide a complex array of oranges, pineapples and a deep, dank undertone. It’s the perfect way to welcome in the warmer Spring weather, sure, but Mountain Culture also finds it helps take the sting out of the daily Press Conferences. Unless PC stands for Political Correctness? Has anyone asked DJ? I’ll go…


Built in 1912 in the beautiful Blue Mountains town of Katoomba, their building housed ‘The Echo’, the local paper for many a year. Later it allegedly passed time as a “dancing saloon and home for lost or belated drunks”, until finally ending up as a Civic Video store. In 2017 DJ and Harriet McCready embarked on transforming the dilapidated building into the first brewpub in the Blue Mountains. After 18 long months of careful renovation, they opened the doors with the goal of welcoming people from near and far to come in and have a beer. But not just any beer. Rather, they hold themselves accountable to a standard that means constantly pushing the limit and pushing themselves to figure out how they can brew better beer, every batch. Because let’s face it, life is short. They have no time for beers that don’t blow their hair back, and nor should you.

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