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Pale Ale Pleaser Pack – Smart Craft

  • ABV: 4.2 – 5.6%
  • 355ML – 375ML CANS

1x Spinifex West Australian Pale Ale
1x Brewmanity Social Beast Pale Ale
1x St Andrews Beach Brewery 6 Furlongs Pale Ale
1x Colonial Pale Ale
1x Bright Brewery Blowhard Pale Ale
1x Sea legs Pale Ale
1x Rocks Brewing American Pale Ale
1x Revel Pale Ale
1x Bentspoke Barley Griffin Pale Ale
1x Glebe Brewing Co The Immortal Pale Ale

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Spinifex West Australian Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 5.0%
This fruity well-crafted WA Pale Ale has been infused with Western Australian wax plant needles sourced from regional Western Australia. This beer is a wonderful full flavoured fruity light Pale Ale with flavours of wildflower and rich hops.
This is a beer for enjoying with friends, The Geraldton Wax has all the depth and flavour of a nice full-strength APA with a unique Western Australian twist while being only a mid strength beer.

Brewmanity Social Beast Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.5%
The tropical flavours of this beast have been deliciously crafted. They hop it up with a hit of Ella at the start of the boil, but it’s the late introduction of Vic Secret that takes you to the heart of the flavour profile. The hop bitterness is balanced out with a malt profile that is evident but not dominant, to make the beer approachable, sessionable and damn tasty. A part of every beer sale also supports the campaign to Fight MND – so not only does the beer taste good, it does good too!

St Andrews Beach Brewery 6 Furlongs Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 5.2%
A modern style pale ale made for drinkers of today. This well balanced ale is loaded with fresh aromatic hops and flavoursome crystal malts.

Colonial Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.4%
This unique and under-stated Pale Ale – inspired directly by the wonderful ‘Altbiers’ of Dusseldorf – is an immediately approachable medium-bodied beer, with hints of brooding plum on the nose, displaying soft, round and subtly rich, biscuit, nougat and nut malt accents on the forward palate, braced by a tangy – slightly peppery – mineral hop bite!

Bright Brewery Blowhard Pale Ale, 355ml Can, ABV 5.0%
Big tropical and fresh citrus hop aromas explode from the can as you pour their American style pale ale. The first sip will reveal juicy passionfruit, lychee and peach hop flavours backed up by a firm, smooth bitterness. This thirst quenching APA takes its name from Mt Blowhard near Bright and up towards Mount Hotham, a majestic beast of a mountain which braces itself against the wildest alpine weather, inspiring the local mountain biking crew as they tear around the trails below.

Sea Legs Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 5.6%
A classic West Coast style American Pale Ale with firm bitterness, full malt flavour and citrus aroma, rounded out with a hint of pine and subtle resin. Sea Legs hop forward Pale Ale is a reverent ‘tip of the hat’ and ‘raising of the glass’ to the hero of modern flavour.

Rocks Brewing American Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.9%
A classic West Coast American Pale Ale with US Hops. Aromas of citrus, stone fruit, herbs and sticky pine. An easy drinking ale with subtle bitterness and clean malt finish.

Revel Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 5.0%
Like the vibrant cultural scene of Bulimba’s Oxford Street, their Pale Ale is full of character and offers the perfect balance of drinkability and flavour. Championing new world hops, the beer is citrusy, piney & fruity. An American style Pale Ale at its best!

Bentspoke Barley Griffin Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.2%
BentSpoke Barley Griffin is a mild cloudy Australian Pale Ale. Soft fruity aromas and light biscuity malt leaving a nice light mouth feel.

Glebe Brewing Co The Immortal Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.5%
The Immortal Pale Ale is the ultimate easy-drinking pale ale. With a sweet malty character, fruity hop aroma and a dry, slightly bitter finish The Immortal Pale Ale is the right beer for the hill at the footy, a craft beer bar or wherever thirst strikes. Plus when you drink The Immortal Pale Ale you are supporting foundation rugby league club Glebe Dirty Reds.

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