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Pirate Life Lime & Pineapple Sour Ale

  • ALE
  • ABV: 7.2%
  • 500ML CANS


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There’s plenty to like about this Lime and Pineapple Sour, not least that it’ll remind you of a pristine beach lined with palms. So, if you’re after something mildly exotic, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in this tin….. Pale Malt, Crystal Malt and oats lend a full and balanced body, offsetting the beer’s acidity with bullish certitude. That tartness (which is hard to miss) comes courtesy of pineapple puree, lime juice and lactic acid, with Mosaic and Citra hops gifting a bagful of fruity notes. It pours golden and deep, with a persistent head. Expect vibrant aromas of citrus and freshly cut pineapple. To drink, it’s lively and fresh, with a good whack of fruit and an electrifying tang. Notes of demerara sugar and lime zest linger long.


Adelaide deserves to be famous for more than churches and an iced coffee fetish. Sunshine, great food, better wine and famous festivals; it was the obvious choice for Pirate Life. Adelaide might have funny tasting water, but that doesn’t stop them from making a darn good brew.


Pirate Life choose cans over bottle because:
1. Cans no longer have that metallic taste, thanks to internal coating. Think of it as a mini keg.
2. Cans are more portable and durable.
3. They take far less energy to recycle than bottles.
4. They chill faster!

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