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The Feral 4 V2.0

  • ABV 4.9 – 9.1%

What’s Includes –
4 x Feral Boris Russian Imperial Stout
4 x Feral Smoked Porter
4 x Feral Biggie Juice
4 x Feral War Hog West Coast IPA


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Feral Boris Russian Imperial Stout, 330ml Bottle, ABV 9.1%
Opulent and warming, full of chocolate, coffee tones with hints of aniseed. It starts with a thick and silky body and finishes with a lingering warmth and bitter sweet cocoa. Boris is brewed using five specialty malts including roasted dark and chocolate barley imported from the free economic world. These malts contribute to bold espresso and chocolate aromas and flavours. Boris is a beer to be savoured and free of radical reform. Best enjoyed between 8 and 12°C.

Smoked Porter, 375ml Can, ABV 4.9%
Smoked porter is exactly how it sounds. Start with a porter base full of dark malts to give hints of chocolate and coffee. Feral Brewing Co. then adds 30% smoked malt from Germany which is smoked over beechwood to give subtle bacon and hickory notes. This is all balanced with medium bitterness and sweet finish.

Biggie Juice, 375ml Can, ABV 6%
Biggie juice is the newest member of Feral Brewing’s pack range. It was first brewed as a collaboration with The Royston Hotel in Melbourne. They started with a small release in 2018 and it has grown from there, taking up most of their tanks in the brewery. This Juicy or Hazy IPA gets its appearance from protein and yeast in suspension. It has an aroma and the flavour is of peach, mango and passionfruit from Australian and American hops. Its mouthfeel is silky from the oats, wheat and yeast with a low bitterness and slightly sweet finish.

War Hog West Coast IPA , 375ml Can, ABV 7.5%
War Hog is the next step up from Hop Hog. More hops, more bitterness with a drier finish. They use a hefty amount of American hops on this (Simcoe and Mosaic) giving heightened levels of passionfruit and citrus. There is a slight alcohol warming carried by assertive bitterness and lingering finish.

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