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Wayward Passionista

  • SOUR
  • ABV: 3.8%
  • 375ML CAN


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Using the same sour ale base as their core range Raspberry Berliner Weisse, this light, tart wheat beer instead gets its flavour from the potent pairing of bright, tropical passionfruit and the clean citrus punch of yuzu. Juicy, zingy and packed full of flavour; it’s the ultimate thirst quencher.


Wayward is the ethos of travellers. It’s a desire to see what’s around the corner, to take the road less travelled and to embrace whatever you find. It’s that romantic idea of the travel of old, when every departure was an adventure. Put simply, it’s the act of getting lost on purpose. At Wayward, they try to live this philosophy in their beer, their brewery and their people.  They’re not afraid to go off the beaten track and hope that in doing so, they create something that people are excited to drink and share with friends and family. Their beer pays homage to the classic European styles while creating something with a distinctly Wayward twist.


Wayward is brewed in inner city Sydney. Their tasting room ‘The Cellar’ is hidden down a Camperdown laneway, The Cellar is housed deep inside the roots of the former winery that occupied the site nearly a century ago. The wax-lined wine vats have been converted to rooms, retaining the red-wine soaked walls.

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