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Yulli’s Cucumber & Lemon Myrtle Table Beer

  • ABV: 3.4%
  • 375ML CANS


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Table beers are a beer viewed as the perfect mealtime beer; low enough in alcohol that you can have a few, yet still flavourful enough to accompany a robust dish. Yulli’s has added cucumber to provide a crisp, cool and refreshing flavour and complimented it with hand picked lemon myrtle. Expect light spicy phenolics, bright farmhouse character and a lively effervescent carbonation.


What happens when you combine a couple of mates, a bar full of the best craft beer NSW has to offer and a felafel roll working lunch? It seems the answer is a craft brewery! These were the exact ingredients that resulted in James Harvey and Karl Cooney forming Yulli’s Brews and releasing their first batch of beer in September 2014. After many years working at craft beer venue Yulli’s Restaurant in Surry Hills, Sydney, James and Karl sought to brew beer that could both stand alone in your everyday pub and also accompany food in a fine dining experience. Like a good dish, each beer has a focus on balance; with malt bills and hop regimes dedicated to this goal.  Despite this dedication to the craft,  James and Karl’s ultimate goal is to produce beer that a bunch of friends or strangers can sit around, laugh and enjoy together!


Yulli’s Restaurant is located in Surry Hills, NSW and have a full restaurant menu for you to enjoy with their incredible brews!

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