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About Kolsch

Kolsch is one of the only beer styles that is geographically protected, with only beers brewed within a 50km radius of Cologne, Germany and by standards of the Kolsch Konvention allowed to be named a ‘Kolsch beer’. The exclusivity of the Kolsch beer is limited to only the brewing location and process though, with many countries around the world taking on this German beer as a favourite for fruity flavour and pleasing hoppy bitterness. 

This pale yet bright craft beer is the quintessential traditional german beer, with the additional yeast to add fruity funk and excessive use of hops. The Kolsch beer is brewed through a process of top fermenting, allowing for the fruity fermented taste to shine in the taste profile. As young brewers of 1600’s Cologne would swear ““that you prepare your beer, as of old, from good malt, good cereals, and good hops, well-boiled, and that you pitch it with top-yeast, and by no means with bottom yeast” so do the traditional Kolsch brewers of today. 

As one of the more refreshing beers Germany has to offer, the Kolsch is known for its easy drinking and thirst-quenching capabilities, especially during the summer heat! A crisp and clean finish, after that delicious taste of fruity fermentation, is the perfect way to taste a bit of Germany from your very own backyard! 

KOLSCH IBU: For most Kolsch, the IBU is usually between 20-30, which is quite low, indicating less bitterness and allowing the fermented funkiness of the yeast to shine!

What is IBU? Bitterness levels are measured through a scale that is aptly named International Bitterness Units, or IBU. These units measure the level of hop and alpha acids in beer through the use of a formula. 

At Craft Cartel, Kolsch craft beers are a common feature in our products and promotions, and there are plenty of traditional styles of Kolsch made by Australian craft breweries, a great starting point for any Kolsch amateur!

Just as we pride ourselves on our range, we also know when to specialise and specify when it comes to good beer and good times! While we do not have a specific gift box for our amazing Kolsch beers, through a subscription or membership, your Kolsch craving will be filled each month with a delivery straight to your door! Within our Craft Cartel memberships, there are a ridiculous amount of benefits, such as access to limited releases and 10% off of all our online products! For more information on our Craft Beer Subscriptions, click here!