Spotlight on Ballistic Beer Co

Ballistic Mixed Pack

  • ABV: 4.4 – 5.8%
  • 375ML CANS

What’s Included:

10 Beers From Ballistic Brewing

2x Ballistic Oaked XPA
2x Ballistic IPA
2x Ballistic Pale Ale
2x Ballistic Hawaiian Haze DDH Hazy Pale Ale
2x Ballistic Lager

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Ballistic Oaked XPA, 375ml, ABV 5.5%
Ballistic accidentally stumbled across a harmonious balance of oak and hops.It’s now one of their most loved and awarded beers. Oaked XPA can be as simple or complex as you like.

Ballistic IPA, 375ml, ABV 5.8%
Old School meets New World with this modern-style India Pale Ale. Big, balanced, fresh and inviting. Thank you, may I have another?

Ballistic Pale Ale, 375ml, ABV 4.6%
There’s something special about tinnies of bright and balanced Pale Ale on a hot Australian summer day. Ballistic spent a year developing the perfect Pale, with fresh tropical fruit and citrus flavours. It’s light and refreshing.

Ballistic Hawaiian Haze DDH Hazy Pale Ale, 375ml, ABV 4.8%
A fruit-driven hop explosion that screams ‘’DRINK ME!’’ Juicy aromas effortlessly overlay the fluffy mouthfeel and clean finish. This is a can of pure Double Dry Hopped fun.’’

Ballistic Lager, 375ml, ABV 4.4%
When Ballistic opened their Springfield Brewpub, they made a crisp, balanced, easy drinking Lager just for the locals. It was so popular that a riot broke out. So now they made it available for everyone to enjoy!

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About Ballistic Beer Co

Far from the world of craft beer, sits an accountant, banker and diplomat. Some would argue its about as opposite as it gets! Meet David Kitchen, founder of Ballistic Beer Co. On his drive home one day, he passed a home-brew store for sale. On a whim he bought it. Not knowing anything about beer brewing and some would argue a taste for crappy beers, one could not have predicted what would eventuate. One store turned into 7 and a passion for good beers grew. His dream of helping aspiring home-brewers to upscale failed, so instead he threw his attention to upscale himself. With a taste for good beer but needing the skills to match, he went in search of a brewer to make this dream a reality. Far far away, in the land of the U.K, lived an Aussie with a big passion for beers. There is something to be said about people who make their passion their lives, and that person is head brewer, Lachy Crothers. Originally working in his own brewery in London, he wanted to return to the Land of Oz to brew us something special and Ballistic Brewing was just the ticket. Now “location location” is ever important, so after a long and tiring search, David landed on an old World War II munitions factory in the historic, industrial suburb of Salisbury. Drawn to the history and surprisingly green surrounds, it formed the ideal location. In 2017, the doors opened to the new Salisbury Brewery. The most important thing about this brewery, other than the beer, would be community. It needed to represent a place where families could gather while letting the kids play, people could meet and find a place they belong, beer brewed meters away would bring people together and even the family dog could come out for some cold brews. Food trucks would grace the premise on weekends, offering an assortment of goods to keep everyone fed, while musicians sweetly serenade the patrons. This would become Ballistic Beer.

The brewery itself boasts 12 taps, serving up cold beers and ciders brewed on site. Five of these taps are dedicated to their core range, the Australian Psycho IPA, Dirty Word Lager, Ballistic Pale Ale, Pilot Light Table Beer, and the Grandfather, an English style old ale, while the remaining taps rotate through the wild creations that the now three brewers (Lachy, Jake and Ev) come up with. The latest beer release is the Coup De Grace Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout, a 13.9% bold and beautiful stout that has been aged for 6 months in rum barrels and then cold conditioned for a further 6 months. The result, a complex, decadent malt driven beer featuring roasted coffee, dried fruits, dark chocolate, caramel and sherry. A beer Lachy says is “the perfect beer to finish the night off right”. The beers brewed at Ballistic are brewed for their drinkability. They believe that the perfectly balanced beer will have you coming back for more to explore the flavours again and again, whether it be an experimental brew like Life on the Hedge cold brew brown ale or a Hawaiian Haze DDH hazy pale ale.

Ballistic love of great beer and passion for community has led it to open its third venue in only four years, the Springfield Brewery, Bar and Kitchen located in Springfield Central, Brisbane. Boasting a huge 20 craft beers on tap and a full wine and spirits bar, as well as a kitchen serving up the best beer food available. Now beer lovers all across Brisbane can call Ballistic Beer Co their “local”.

Ballistic Brewing is set to launch their Ballistic missile to the stars with their up and coming passion project, Wild Ales. With a facility dedicated to this delicate process, they wish to explore where these wild and spontaneous organisms can take them.

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