Spotlight on Colonial Brewing

  • ABV: 4.0 – 6.0%
  • 375ML CANS

What’s Included:

10 Beers From Colonial Brewing
2x Colonial Brewing South West Sour
2x Colonial Watermelon And Raspberry Sour
2x Colonial Brewing Pale Ale
2x Colonial Brewing Porter
2x Colonial Brewing Draught Kolsch Ale

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Colonial Brewing South West Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 4.6%
South West Sour is a kettle soured and dry hopped beer, based on a wheat heavy malt bill for its full mouthfeel. Lactic acid acidity is delicately balanced with tropical aroma and flavour from US and NZ hops.

Colonial Watermelon And Raspberry Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 4.0%
South West Sour Watermelon & Raspberry is a fruity and refreshing twist on Colonial’s much loved South West Sour. Partially fermented with an acidifying bacteria in the brewhouse before undergoing a second fermentation with ale yeast, this is a modern sour style for modern palates. The addition of real Watermelon and Raspberries strikes the delicate balance between sweet and sessionable. Pouring a beautiful rose gold colour, this ale bursts with the flavours of Summer that will satisfy your thirst and be deliciously refreshing.

Colonial Brewing Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.4%
This unique and under-stated Pale Ale –  inspired directly by the wonderful ‘Altbiers’ of Dusseldorf – is an immediately approachable medium-bodied beer, with hints of brooding plum on the nose, displaying soft, round and subtly rich, biscuit, nougat and nut malt accents on the forward palate, braced by a tangy – slightly peppery – mineral hop bite!

Colonial Brewing Porter, 375ml Can, ABV 6.0%
A combination of classic noble hop varieties and Australian grown Ella balance the malt with a gentle bitterness and a complimentary light tropical and spice aroma. Big and bold but not overpowering, it’s the perfect match for hearty, fire-kissed meats or dark chocolate desserts.

Colonial Brewing Draught Kolsch Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.8%
Pale gold in colour, Colonial Draught shows hints of lemon sorbet and is complimented by a subtle background of passionfruit and green herb. The nose flows to the palate which is tight, spotlessly clean, fresh, zesty and focussed, delivering a very approachable beer.


Best Suds For Your Spring Picnic
The days are getting longer and warmer. Everyone is dead keen to get out and socialise over a few suds, so what better way to perfect your picnic than with a sour, but not just any sour

It All Starts With A Sour
We are thinking of the sours from Colonial Brewing Co (CBCO). These guys were the pioneers to brewing small and living big out west! What sets Colonial beer apart – especially their sours – is that they brew their sours with a kettle souring process, acidified to a level that complements the original hops and fruit, rather than being overpowered by them. Ensuring that everyday beer enthusiasts can enjoy these sour beers.

Sours That Really Hit The Spot
The Colonial Brew Co’s South West Sour Watermelon & Raspberry really does hit the spot, never more so than on a sunny day with its refreshing flavour and low bitterness. This craft beer is a fruity and refreshing twist on their much-loved South West Sour. Partially fermented with an acidifying bacteria in the brewhouse before undergoing a second fermentation with ale yeast, this is a modern sour style for modern palates. The addition of real watermelon and raspberries strikes the delicate balance between too sweet and we reckon makes for a truly sessionable sud this spring!

Pouring a beautiful rose-gold colour, the South West Watermelon & Raspberry Sour bursts with the flavours that will take you right through summer. Paired with classic picnic foods like cheese, charcuterie, and dips will cut through the acidity for a classic perfectly balanced and bloody delicious Australian beer with your picnic spread. Too easy!

Fruits Of Summer In A Tinnie
The fruit profiles do not stop at the Sours. The Colonial Brewing pale ale is brewed with Australian and American hops, bringing together the best of both hemispheres for a vibrant tropical profile.

With a wide variety of beer. From sour beer, to rich roast barley and malts in the porter. There is also the Colonial pale ale, the Colonial IPA, Bertie cider, and the Colonial Draught Kolsch ale to name a few. The Draught also shows delicious hints of fruit, this time a lemon sorbet complemented by a subtle background of passionfruit and green herb – whatever you choose as your picnic beverage, you will be enjoying a very approachable beer.

Ultimate Cans Ready To Chill
The Colonial range is the ultimate picnic beer. After all cans are greener, chill faster, and are lighter to carry to and from your picnic. Plus, the lion motif on the side of the tinnies is printed with thermochromatic paint letting you know when your crafty is perfectly chilled at 3 degrees or under (AKA ready to drink!)

It’s not just down to the brewing and packaging, Colonial has a wide range of beers so there’s something for every palate, with lower alcohol options available too. All Colonial beer has great flavour balanced with an approachable drinkability so they’re easy to share with friends at any stage of their craft beer journey too. Start colonising your mates!

Uncomplicated Local Beer
The Colonial Brewing Company was one of the first craft breweries to establish themselves on the west coast in Margaret River, hence the choice of the name colonising the famous wine region with craft beer by opening their first brewpub in 2004.

Uncomplicated. That’s life in Margaret River. And that’s the philosophy behind the Colonial Brewing Company. This special region has a reputation for its relaxed lifestyle and scenic spaces with fruit pickers for the vineyards notoriously absent if the surf is pumping!

After tapping their first keg, the colony has gone from strength to strength with the expertise and passion from some of the most respected Australian brewers, in growing to a second location in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Here on the East coast, brewing is inspired by music, Melbourne’s laneways, and the dynamic craft beer market. CBCO is a small brewery living the big city life. But even as CBCO grows, the product is continuously made by local brewers for the local community. Always uncomplicated.

The Difference Is In The Brew
This local Aussie family-owned brewing company’s passion for local and offshore causes runs deep too. CBCO is a brewery with the intent to make a difference and still brewing great beer.

CBCo recognises its responsibility to help protect the planet and is committed to minimising the impact brewing has on the environment. Over 2020/21 Summer, CBCo installed 100kW of solar panels on the rooftop of its Port Melbourne Brewery. The shift to rooftop solar means significantly reduced electricity consumption from the grid and a reduction in emissions that come from fossil fuels. When the sun is shining bright, CBCo’s new solar panel system is enough to power the entire brewery. So, the next time you’re enjoying a CBCo beer in the sun, enjoy it a little bit more knowing that it was powered by the same stuff. Great beer that’s great for the environment.

Uncomplicated, Unpretentious But Never Uninteresting.
The brewing process focuses on making the same great beer seasonally as ingredients change. This comes down to the brewing process, investing in the best equipment available so they can have control of every variable. With a culture of taking pride in their craft and getting the little details right.


Colonial Brewing Co offers up bloody great beer, to be enjoyed wherever and whoever you are –on a picnic, at home, at your local.


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