Spotlight on Pirate Life Brewing

Pirate Life Mixed Pack

  • ABV: 4.5 – 7.0%
  • 355ML – 500ML CANS

What’s Included:

10 Beers From Pirate Life Brewing

2x Pirate Life Port Lager
2x Pirate Life Mosaic IPA
2x Pirate Life IPL
2x Pirate Life IPA
2x Pirate Life Pale Ale

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Pirate Life Port Lager, 355ml Can, ABV 4.5%
A super clear and bright yellow lager with a tight, fluffy white head that leaves pretty lacing all down the glass. It’s kept simple and clean, combining the sweetness of the Vienna and Pilsner malt with herbaceous, earthy and spicy flavours from the Spalt and Perle hops, finishing super dry and encouraging the drinker to return for more of its thirst quenching goodness.

Pirate Life Mosaic IPA, 355ml Can, ABV 7%
A kaleidoscopic journey through tropical flavours. Somehow, Mosaic finds a way to impart every delicious flavour you ask of hops, all on its own. Backed by a clean, light malt bill it’s the beer equivalent of a fruit punch juice box. The Mosaic IPA is quite light on malt profile, allowing the hop to shine, there’s a “super late” hop addition mainly into the whirlpool, making it a lot juicier and leaving only a mild bitterness.

Pirate Life IPL, 500ml Can, ABV 6%
This 6% brute combines ingredients and brewing techniques from two traditional styles, resulting in a sensory experience that has all the bases covered. Hop varietals Mosaic, Strata and Enigma provide a dank and fruity punch, while Alchemy II wine yeast combines with a classic lager strain to get the job done. Once poured, tropical fruit and sticky resin pair with a range of distinctive esters. It’s a little lighter on the palate than a typical IPA, showing bright carbonation and a clean, dry finish. Nicely integrated bitterness, hints of gooseberry and guava. IPL? Hell yep.

Pirate Life IPA, 355ml Can, ABV 6.8%
Sitting nicely between their Pale Ale and IIPA at 6.8% ABV the IPA has a gentle orange hue and a round, full bodied malt character care of Pale Malt, Munich and Crystal. With their Pale Ale and IIPA having withdrawn most of their funds from the dank bank they thought it was time to make a beer that brought something a little different to the table. Chock full of Centennial, Riwaka and Simcoe this IPA is bright, fruity and full of liquid fun.

Pirate Life Pale Ale, 355ml Can, ABV 5.4%
The brief Pirate Life gave themselves for their flagship beer was that it should be able to be sent to any bar in San Diego and to stand proudly alongside the many great Pales produced in, and around, the west coast of the US. The schematic for a West Coast Pale Ale is bucket loads of big US hops, full malty backbone and a characterful yeast. That is what this Pale Ale is all about.

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About Pirate Life Brewing

Pirate Life’s story began long long ago, all the way in Scotland, where two young boys met while honing in their brewing skills through an apprenticeship. While toiling away, they discussed their dreams of opening a craft brewery in Australia. It could have been their passion, their incredible skills or just a desire to get away from Scottish weather, but whatever the reason, we are all thankful for it.

Fast-forward to 2014 and now Perth based brewers Jack Cameron and Jarred Proudfood led their scallywags across the Nullabour to their new South Australian home of Hindmarsh. Here with the help of Dad and CEO, Michael Cameron or MC, the Pirates began the task of building their optimistic dream. In February 2015, the first lot of wort entered fermentation vessel No.1 (FV1) and was soon followed by their 8.8% Imperial IPA, a baby born of Big Malt, Big Hops and Big fermentation, all ready for their Big 500ml can. This big baby was soon followed by their flagship beer, the West Coast styled Pale Ale and the 3.5% Throwback IPA. It might be light on Alcohol, but it definitely isn’t light on flavour. Designed for intelligent and sexy humans who’d like to be able to throw back a few brews and still get on with their day (or maybe that’s the new pirate way?) All three beers were hop forward, unpasteurised and unapologetically bold.

In January 2016, the party really kicked off with the IIPA and Pale Ale taking 3rd and 4th spot respectively in the GABS hottest 100 Australian Craft beers of 2015. Soon after, Pirate Life celebrated their first birthday at the Gilbert, complete with 1500 buccaneers, a fleet of keg juggling pirates and their new and now iconic Baby Blue IPA.

While things seemed to be smooth sailing for the pirate family, dreams of expanding into a Port Adelaide brewery were always on their minds. In the first two years, Pirate life hosted 100’s of events, won multiple awards and sent their beers across the seas, but this was only the beginning as multinational brewing company AB inBev decided to add Pirate life to its extensive list of breweries. This opened up a world of possibilities to Cameron and Jared and the dream of a Port Adelaide brewery became a reality.

The brewery is of staggering proportions sporting a 20m bar, a merch stall complete with skateboards and bikes, a 50m tall peacock, rotating local food trucks and all while able to host thousands of pirates. As well as serving up the core beers, there is a rotating list of 50plus new beers a years ranging from Apple and Guava Sour, Masala Spiced Porter and even a Hoppy Amber Pale Ale.

So what about the name Pirate Life? Well in the words of Captain Jack himself, “we believe we live our life just like a pirate would, we are care free, relaxed and brew what we want to”. Who knows, maybe there will be a rum flavoured beer in the near future?

Pirate Life Brewery Adelaide has even rumoured of expanding to Adelaide Casino and back to their roots in Perth, Western Australia although us poor east coasters will have to settle with just drinking this damn good beer without the juggling pirates for now.

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