Top 3 Festive Frothies

The silly season is in full swing, so we’re serving up our Top 3 Festive Frothies!

Bridge Road Brewers Magical Christmas Unicorn
Cream Ale
ABV: 7.3%

Brought to you by the creative folks at Bridge Road Brewers in Beechworth, Victoria, this whimsical sounding beer is inspired by the magical pillars of the universe; Unicorns, Christmas and Ice Cream. How good! A unique vanilla ice-cream ale that’s perfect for the festive season.


HopDog A Feast of Stevens
White Stout
ABV: 8%

We’ve got a big crush on Tim Thomas, head brewer at HopDog BeerWorks on the South Coast of NSW and his boundary pushing beers. A Feast of Stevens is a smoky, spicy, mind bender of a beer. Pale gold in colour, but brimming with the coffee and chocolate characters you’d associate with a regular stout, yet no roasted or dark malts have been used. This is the embodiment of Christmas breakfast in the HopDog house.


Mad Abbot Christmas Ale
ABV: 11.3%

We’ve already sold plenty of bottles of the Mad Abbot Christmas Ale from the Little Brewing Company in Port Macquarie. This dark ale exhibits complex aromas and flavours of rum, raisin, plum, dark cherry, vanilla bean and Turkish delight. Basically it’s Christmas in a bottle! We’re currently selling the 2015 vintage.