What Our Fave Brewers Are Drinking On Australia Day

We recently caught up with some of our favourite Aussie brewers to find out how they’ll be spending Australia Day.

Enjoying a beach swim, playing backyard cricket, barbecuing, watching Gossip Girl re-runs, hosting old fashion LAN parties and listening to the GABS Hottest 100 in a good old blow up pool are just some of the ways they’ll be celebrating.

Most importantly we got them to reveal which beers they’ll be cracking open with their mates on the day!

Moon Dog Craft Brewery – Adrian McNulty “aka Macca”
“I will be spending this Australia Day cleaning the house, parenting a 13 month old Genghis Khan reincarnation and occasionally keeping an eye on Gossip Girl (will Blair and Chuck ever get it together?) all while responsibly working my way through an assortment of tinnies. Top of the list would be our Meringue-Utang Pavlova Douple NEIPA collaboration with Hong Kong based Carbon Brews, Fixation Squish Citrus IPA, Co-Conspirators The Editor and for longevity I can’t go past some Beer Can Tropical Lager to fill in the gaps.”

Capital Brewing – Wade Hurley
“A few friends and I will be getting together in a mate’s garage with our laptops to have a good old fashion LAN party. We will be playing a little throwback game called Diablo 2. Many different beers shall be consumed during said LAN party. I have a Wildflower Golden Sour I’ve been waiting to open for a while now. Since it will be an all day affair, lots of lower strength beers will be drunk like our new Cascara Cherry Bomb Sour and some Summit Session XPA.”

Old Wives Ales – Mattias Isaksson
“Being Swedish I feel like it’s tempting to draw similarities between the Australia Day celebrations and our Midsummer’s celebrations. Both great summer gatherings and great opportunities to spend quality time with friends and family. This year will be spent at home with the family in a pretty low key way. Morning swim at the beach followed by a big mussel cook up for lunch in the backyard. A bottle of Saison Dupont will go great with the mussels for lunch. There’ll definitely be a few cans of our Old Man Yells At Cloud NEIPA going down during the day. Will round off the evening with our Choc Walnut Brownie Ale.”

Wayward Brewing Co. – Shaun Blissett
“Australia Day this year will be in the Gong in a pool at our mate’s place – we’ll take any excuse to fire up the BBQ and have a few cold ones. With him being another brewer, we bring in whatever we have in the cool room right now, which tends to be what our local mates have in fresh. This year, our esky will be full of the entire Akasha can range (we trade a lot of ingredients and beers down Parramatta Road), the Yulli’s full can range, James Squire Jack of Spades Porter (fresh from across the road in Camperdown) and a sneaky few low fills of our new Funky Pineapple Hand Grenade.”

Akasha Brewing Company – Dave Padden
“The Australia Day long weekend for me is the opportunity to relax after one of the busiest times of year for our industry. There will be plenty of BBQ’s, Triple J Hottest 100, and of course the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers of 2018, where I hope to hear Akasha Brewing mentioned a couple of times! I’ll be sticking to Independent Aussie beer in cans of course, including a few Akasha Hopsmith IPA’s and some of my other favourites like Beer Farm IPL or Bentspoke Sprocket.”

Hawkers Beer – Mazen Hajjar
“This Australia Day, I’ll be hanging with a few of the brewery crew. Lamb on the BBQ, some Hawkers XPA and West Coast IPA in the esky. My sales guys are trying to teach me backyard cricket – something about over the fence is 6 & out. We will be regularly refreshing our social media feeds, as the GABS Hottest 100 are announced. For the rest of the night – feet up watching the tennis.”

The Welder’s Dog – Phil Stevens
“This Australia Day I’ll be alternating between the Triple J and GABS hottest 100’s, and if history is anything to go by, probably only wearing underpants in someone else’s blow up pool. Like all good unwanted guests I’ll be hogging the prime pool real estate whilst managing the delicate task of closely guarding my esky from afar whilst convincing people to bring me drinks. This year with the heat if it hasn’t got a pH lower than battery acid don’t bother, I’m thinking 3 Ravens Acid, Wildflower Gold and Colonial South West Sour, and of course some Welder’s Dog Pea Blossom Lemonade. Again if history is anything to go by at this point I’ll have definitely appointed myself official head of the party and commanded the pool be refilled with passionfruit UDL, restrung my ukulele and be singing ‘How to Make Gravy’ on repeat.”