Designed as the ultimate case for craft beer enthusiasts looking to support the Australian brewery industry whilst enjoying 100 cold ones…That’s summer sorted!

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100 Can Craft Beer Case

Supporting 25 independently owned Australian craft breweries across the country including Hawkers, Young Henrys, Moon Dog, Two Birds, Sauce Brewing and more! Showcasing a wide variety of styles such as Pale Ales, NEIPAs, Brown Ales and IPAs. No fillers in this box, just great Aussie craft beer!

This epic case comes in a super limited custom-made timber box, plus includes ten $20.00 vouchers to share with your mates that can be used on our website. Taking two people to carry, the case weighs a hefty 40kg+, and is guaranteed to make an impression, whatever the occasion.

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What's included:

  • 4 X Newstead Sportsball Queensland Lager
  • 4 X Rover Gilbert Rd Lager
  • 4 X Akasha Little Smith IPA
  • 4 X Moon Dog Beer Can
  • 4 X Jetty Road Pale Ale
  • 4 X Slipstream Laguna Tropical Pale Ale
  • 4 X Two Birds Pale Ale
  • 4 X Sauce Peach Sauce
  • 4 X Sparkke Pilsner
  • 4 X Sydney Brewing Potts Point Porter
  • 4 X Nomad South Pacific Dream
  • 4 X Colonial Brewing Small Ale
  • 4 X Stockade Mr Fruju NEIPA
  • 4 X Your Mates Brewing Co Larry Pale Ale
  • 4 X Young Henrys Stayer Mid Strength Lager
  • 4 X Ballistic Lager
  • 4 X Yulli’s Brews Seabass Mediterranean Lager
  • 4 X Big Shed Kol Schisel 
  • 4 X Mornington Peninsula Brown 
  • 4 X Hawkers Pale Ale 
  • 4 X Wayward Everyday Ale
  • 4 X Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA
  • 4 X Hope Newy Pacific Lager
  • 4 X Bridge Road Beechy XPA
  • 4 X Modus XPA
  • 10 X $20 Craft Cartel Vouchers. One voucher can be applied in one order.
  • Limited Edition Poster
  • Personalised Gift Card (Optional)
  • FREE Delivery to Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne (Metro)
    *All beers subject to availability

About the beer

Newstead Sportsball Queensland Lager, 375ml Can, ABV 4.5%
It’s a primordial need, hidden deep within our psyche, to simplify the world as “us” and “not us”. While globalism and technology are breaking those chains, our fundamental requirement for tribalism is satisfied through the ubiquitous “sportsball”. And what better way to stimulate this need then with a ubiquitous QLD Lager. Whether us or not, craft or mainstream, this is a beer for all, transcending teams for the good of the game.​ There’s just something about a well made lager Crisp, clean and refreshing Fresh mint and green grapes tickle the nose, with a gentle grainy palate, and smooth but bold bitterness that lingers​

Rover Gilbert Rd Lager, 375ml Can, ABV 4.2%
Rover’s Gilbert Rd. Lager is the perfect beer to drink all year round. Clean, crisp and best enjoyed fresh.

Akasha Little Smith IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 3.5%
Low on alcohol but big on flavour, Akasha’s Little Smith India Pale Ale illuminates the tastebuds with pine and zesty fruit notes in a perfectly balanced, aromatic and refreshing beer that’ll leave you longing for more

Moon Dog Beer Can, 375ml Can, ABV 4.2%
An extremely drinkable tinny that’s chock-full of tropical fruit character. Light and refreshing, it’s perfect for Summer merriment and outdoor drinking with mates.

Jetty Road Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.8%
Crafted by JRB to be a sessionable pale ale with a crisp and clean palate, underpinned by a subtle satisfying bitterness. Tropical and citrus aromas come through from generous late hop additions of Mosaic and Simcoe.

Slipstream Laguna Tropical Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.1%
A refreshing and tasty hop driven Pale Ale. Full of tropical fruit aromas thanks to generous additions of a selection of southern hemisphere hops.

Two Birds Pale Ale, 330ml Can, ABV 5%
Our pale is like your favourite pair of jeans. The perfect fit for every occasion. But like every Two Birds Brew, this pale is not without a twist. Two types of oats create a hazy & super pale beer with a smooth, silky mouthfeel, while Australian & US hops offer up notes of pine, passionfruit & pineapple.

Sauce Peach Sauce, 375ml Can, ABV 4.0%
Tart, tangy and super peachy. Very refreshing and a real crowd pleaser.

Sparkke Pilsner, 375ml Can, ABV 3.5%
A flavoursome new-world pilsner lager that draws inspiration from its Czech/Bohemian ancestry with a 21st century punch. Mid-strength with a full flavour, partly owed to a tasteful dry hopping of New Zealand grown Wai-iti and Wakatu hops giving the beer a citrusy and fruity aroma. It has a creamy mouthfeel, is light and refreshing. Its low bitterness and generous lagering time gives it a smooth and developed flavour. Approachable and sessionable, this pilsner is an easy-drinking classic.

Sydney Brewery Potts Point Porter, 355ml Can, ABV 5.5%
This dark and mysterious porter is complex and rich. Like Potts point itself, it is small but full of flavour. Never conservative. Sydney Brewery’s porter is the biggest smooth talker in Sydney’s east, he wears a velvet suit on cold nights in front of a crackling fire place and will warm you, just like a good ol’ hot mocha. Potts Point porter, a million miles from the cross…

Nomad South Pacific Dream, 330ml Can, ABV 4.1%
This classic Pacific Ale style has been brewed as the perfect go-to beer for all occasions. Created with a blend of American and Pacific hops, big tropical aromas and easy on the palate.

Colonial Brewing Small Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 3.5%
Brewed to deliver gentle, lasting bitterness, and layered a swift kick of citrus-and-pine goodness, you can drink small and stand tall with Colonial’s full-bodied, flavour-packed Small Ale.

Stockade Mr Fruju NEIPA, 375ml Can, ABV 6%
With lingering tropical notes and a relatively low bitterness, Mr Fruju delivers a hazy, juicy experience that will leave your taste buds in a state of continuous joy. Freshly squeezed like a breakfast juice, you’ll get a crazy mix of citrus, pineapple, pear and passion fruit.

Your Mates Brewing Co Larry Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.5%
Your Mates Brewing Co. Larry is an easy drinking Pale Ale, full of tropical Queensland fruit flavours. Lightly bittered and ultra approachable.

Young Henry’s Stayer Mid Strength Lager, 375ml Can, ABV 3.5%
Soft stone fruit and lychee hop aroma, bright golden body, super refreshing with a slightly bitter finish. It’s a gentle beer for gentle people who care about having a good time whilst ensuring that their good time doesn’t ruin the good time of others. Drink with good friends when thirsty.

Ballistic Lager, 375ml Can, ABV 4.4%
When Ballistic opened their Springfield Brewpub, they made a crisp, balanced, easy drinking Lager just for the locals. It was so popular that a riot broke out. So now they’ve made it available for everyone to enjoy!

Yulli’s Brews Seabass Mediterranean Lager, 375ml Can, ABV 4.2%
Seabass Mediterranean Lager is a light, dry and clean unfiltered lager. Pouring a pale straw colour, the beer presents subtle spicy & floral flavours from NZ Motueka hops, supported by all Australian barley & wheat. Seabass is the ultimate refresher for any occasion, and is best served with most foods but supports light citrus flavours, salty cheeses and fried foods particularly well.

Big Shed Kol Schisel Can, 375ml Can, ABV 4.2%
Our Kol Schisel was known as a German style pale (Kolsch) made for those unsure that they are into ‘craft’ beers. Subtle bready, malt flavours are backed up with a hop spiciness and gentle citrus. Recently updated to an Australian Pale to give it a little more backbone. A very sessionable beer at 4.2% that goes well with just about anything. It’s particularly well partnered with crumbed fish, calamari or sushi.

Mornington Peninsula Brown Can, 375ml Can, ABV 5%
Mornington Brown is an English-style brown ale, brewed using classic imported English ale malts. Mornington Peninsula Brewery’s Brown displays all the wonderfully rich and toffee characters associated with these malts. Pouring a deep golden brown with hints of red, aromas of toffee, brown sugar and raisins greet the nose. The palate offers more toffee and raisins, with a supporting cast of chocolate and nuts. Rich, full-bodied, smooth and moreish. 

Hawkers Pale Ale Can, 375ml Can, ABV 4.8%
Don’t let the powerful hop aroma of this Pale Ale hold you back. This beer is perfectly sessionable, generously hopped, and enjoyable anytime.

Wayward Everyday Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.2%
This super sessionable Aussie Pale Ale is a beer for enjoying everywhere, anytime. The crisp, light malt profile is complemented by aromatic tropical fruit and citrus notes courtesy of Australian Galaxy and American Cascade hops.

Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 5.8%
Floral nose with notes of citrus and pine. Medium-bodied with a nice punch of hops and solid malt finish.

Hope Newy Pacific Lager, 375ml Can, ABV 4.4%
Hope made this beer to pay homage to their beachside neighbour to the east, Newcastle of course. It’s the Hunter’s beachside playground. Packed full of fruit flavours with a super crisp finish. It’s exactly what you expect walking down to the beach to spend a day in the surf with after beers being as fresh as your set.

Bridge Road Beechy XPA, 355ml Can, ABV 4.4%
An aromatic Australian XPA with a punchy hop aroma, low palate weight and a clean drying finish with moderate to low bitterness. Beechy XPA is a beer that can trace its roots back to our first commercial brew, in the original brewery in Ben’s dads shed back in 2005. This original beer has evolved through the changing tastes of customers and the availability of exciting new locally grown hop varieties.

Modus XPA, 375ml Can, ABV 4.2%
With an almost lemony hue, Modus XPA presents its lightness right from the beginning. While Modus is known for its hop-heavy beers, this one has a slightly toned-down approach. Citrus zest aromas lead into floaty tropical notes on the tongue, but the finish cuts off cleanly, leaving nothing but a trace of bitterness.

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