Small Batch Cider Box – 8 pack

Crisp and refreshing, we’ve chosen the best ciders from across Australia. Made with the finest apples and pears, these ciders have the perfect balance of fruit acidity and sweetness.

What’s Included:

  • 1x Mercury Hard Cider Original
  • 1x Hills Cider Cloudy Apple Cider
  • 1x Deeds cider
  • 1x Yarra Valley Cider
  • 1x Kaiju Golden Axe Crisp Apple Cider
  • 1x Kelly Brothers Pear Cider
  • 1x Coldstream Pear And Apple Cider
  • 1x Colonial Bertie Apple Cider
  • Personalised Gift Card (Optional)
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Mercury Hard Cider Original Can
375ml 6.9% ALC/VOL
Mercury Hard Cider has a light golden appearance, yet a full flavour with a smooth finish. Inspired by traditional ‘hard cider’.

Hills Cider Cloudy Apple Cider Can
375ml 4.5% ALC/VOL
Hills Cider Cloudy Apple Cider is made with the traditional Hills Cider approach using 100% fresh Adelaide Hills apples that have been carefully selected, freshly pressed & small batch managed. This unfiltered cider is cloudy & full bodied, striking a balance between crisp fruit, yeast complexity & fresh acidity.

Deeds Cider Can
375ml 5.0% ALC/VOL
Deeds Cider is made with 100% Australian apples giving it a refreshing and crisp apple bite. It’s gluten free and vegan friendly with no added sugar or concentrate. Drink & Enjoy!

Yarra Valley Cider Can
375ml 5.0% ALC/VOL
A modern Australian premium apple cider produced using only Victorian premium apples supplied in 375ml cans. Family owned and independent.

Kaiju Golden Axe Crisp Apple Cider
375ml 5.2% ALC/VOL
Handcrafted from freshly-crushed, premium Victorian apples. Golden Axe is a crisp, thirst quenching drop with just enough sweetness to satisfy. Aromas of fresh-cut apples and blossom.

Kelly Brothers Pear Cider Can
375ml 5.0% ALC/VOL
Kelly Brothers Pear Cider expresses amazing true pear varietal character. With less acidity, the pear cider profile is softer and sweeter than the Kelly Brother Apple Cider. Great over ice and perfect with cheese.

Coldstream Pear And Apple Cider
375ml 5.5% ALC/VOL
Coldstream Brewery Pear and Apple Cider is a medium sweet style loaded with real pear character, light in the mouth, sparkling with a clean moreish finish. Made with a mixture of pears and apples so it’s nice and easy to drink. Naturally gluten free and vegan.

Colonial CBCO Bertie Cider
375ml 4.6% ALC/VOL
Bertie. Weird name for a cider, right? But when you’re walking in the footsteps of an Australian icon, you’ve got to embrace it. The home of our cold press cider is in Bertie Street Melbourne, in the very same building that once produced that staple of showbags across Australia, the Bertie Beetle chocolate treat. Those are some tiny shoes to fill. But our Bertie does it with ease. It’s why we use only Victorian apples, which are hand-picked and cold-pressed to create a crisp, delicious cider that’s big on taste. And it’s why we use the same apples we eat at home, like Red Galas and Sundowners. There’s no added sugar because true apple cider shouldn’t taste like apple cordial with booze and bubbles.

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