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Best Chocolate Beers For Easter

This Easter, why not trade chocolate eggs for chocolate beers? Or better still, indulge in both! 

To save you from going on a lengthy chocolate beer hunt (although that sounds quite fun), we’ve sourced five of the best craft beers brimming with rich, velvety, chocolate flavours.

From Moon Dog’s Timothy Tamothy Slamothy inspired by Australia’s favourite choccie biscuit to Bridge Road Brewers’ Magical Easter Unicorn Chocolate Egg Ale, don’t miss out on these delicious adult Easter treats.

All beers are super limited – available in store and online while stock lasts.

Moon Dog Timothy Tamothy Slamothy
The beer itself is a rich, smooooth chocolatey biscuity milk stout. It sits at 5.6% and is absolutely perfect as we come into Easter and the cooler months. It is another of Moon Dog’s 440ml can releases and it tastes bloody delicious! The best part is that if you grab a Tim Tam, bite off the ends and slurp the beer through it, it tastes even better!

Bridge Road Magical Easter Unicorn Chocolate Egg Ale
With the discovery of the 4th magical pillar of our universe, Chocolate Eggs, it is yet again the only beer that can harness the full potential of its power. There is no doctrine in the creation of this Ale, rather, it is an open ever-renewed brewing experience. This beer contains lactose. Best served in a decapitated chocolate rabbit. This Chocolate Egg Ale is smooth, chocolatey and just plain delicious.

Holgate Temptress Choc Porter
Just as the name suggests this is a very tempting beer! This is a classic robust porter brewed with over 300 kg of malt and infused with a dash of rich Dutch cocoa and whole vanilla beans. Luscious chocolate, coffee, and caramel flavours are balanced by a hint of vanilla and a body of 6% alcohol. A perfect winter warmer or a complement to homemade meat pies and chocolate-based desserts.

Dainton Caramel Crème White Chocolate NEIPA
Another fantastical concoction from the creative folks at Dainton Family Brewery. Brimming with hazy caramel goodness, if you have a sweet tooth give this unique NEIPA a go!

Kees Caramel Fudge Stout
This chocolate imperial stout will seduce you! Caramel Fudge notes come through strongly with a nice balance between sweet and bitter.