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Support local – Give the Gift of Beer!

Let’s face it, we’ve all got too much stuff lying around the house, crying out to be sent to the op shop. Don’t be the friend who adds to that domestic clutter with your extremely thoughtful birthday/anniversary/bar mitzvah gift. Next time you’re looking for the perfect gift, grab one of our tasty Craft Beer Gift Packs. Whether your loved one is the classic tinnie type or the top shelf speciality craft beer connoisseur (with optional curly moustache), you’re onto a winning present, which won’t clog up the pool room or need regular dusting and is sure to be enjoyed!

Our gift boxes are lovingly packed with a range of high-quality craft beers, brewed right here in Australia by dedicated Aussie brewers, who put their heart and soul into their craft… beer.

Beer brewing has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, with more microbreweries and small family businesses popping up around the country than ever before, offering new flavours from brewers with genuine passion and enthusiasm for their art form. The environments they have been creating are relaxed and inviting and give us a bit more ambiance than the soulless sports bars we have become used to. For many, it’s also a bit of fun to go beer tasting at a brewery and sample a paddle or two of different tastes. The range of options, along with the welcoming setting spark conversation and foster a more communal experience than we encounter at the typical local pub.

Taking inspiration from the centuries-old tradition of artisanal brewing in Europe the trend of craft beer brewing we know and love today started in the USA and the UK in the 70s and gradually spread to other countries including Australia, where the industry is currently thriving – despite a surprisingly substantial decrease in beer consumption in Australia in general. The term Craft Brewery is defined by the Brewers Association of the USA as “small, independent and traditional”. It would seem that the increasing popularity of craft beer here in Oz reflects a growing interest in supporting small, diverse enterprises, with a focus on quality over quantity.

The craft beer brewers of Australia are providing beer lovers around the nation with soulful drafts which have their own story, culture and sense of place. As well as offering more choice in taste and diversity in producers, the craft beer industry is committed to using superior ingredients to create fuller flavours. This puts Aussie farmers and growers in good stead to provide crops, such as barley and hops for the production of craft beers. With more and more craft brewers opening up in regional Australia, the industry has also strengthened the hospitality and tourism industries in rural areas, so it really is a win for everyone!

It is our absolute pleasure to connect beer lovers near and far with these top-notch, local brewers, bringing the flavours of the country directly to your door. With easy online ordering and free delivery Australia wide you could be sipping on a cold one from one of our craft beer gift packs before you can say “The bitters Betty Botter bought made her batter bitter so she’d better buy some better bitters”

Our Craft Beer Gift Boxes contain a range of delicious beers to tantalise the taste buds. Get together for a beer tasting night with our Classic Craft Beer Box, which boasts 12 bottles of premium craft beer, tasting notes (to make your tasting night all the more legit) and a beer glass guide (to sort out those pesky receptacle-technicalities once and for all). To keep it a bit more casual check out our Top Ten Tinnies pack, which is stuffed with a smorgasbord of flavours from IPAs to fruity sours and even includes a $20 gift card.

And those with a sweet tooth will love the refreshing vibes of the Small Batch Cider Box, filled with fresh, crisp flavours from orchards around the country. With all these reasons to love craft beer, there’s no better gift for your mates than a Craft Cartel Craft Beer Gift Box – it’s even good for sharing.


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  • Hope Elite Pack

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  • Sale! Hope You're Not Driving!
  • Wayward Seltzer Mixed Pack
  • Balter 4 Champions3

    Balter 4 Champions

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