Membership FAQ

Vending Machine

A: This membership can be paid quarterly – first installment of $2,500 is required on sign up. Future installments will be due quarterly prior to next refill. Failure to pay will result in Craft Cartel collecting the vending machine and cancellation of the membership.

A: The vending machine is masssssssive. Empty, it weighs 350kg. Fully stocked (400x cans), it will weigh 520kg. You will need clearance, like you do with a fridge, to ensure air can circulate.

A. Unfortunately, no. We will arrange to restock the machine with you 3 additional times throughout the course of the membership period after the initial delivery date.

Wait, I get HOW MANY beers?!
That’s right. El Patron can hold 400 beers at a time. We’ll fill it up when we deliver it, and then 3 more times during the course of your membership. This roughly equates to 16 (yes, 16) 100 can cases. If you were to stack all the beers in each delivery on top of each other, it would be as high as the top of Stadium Australia!

A. We’ve gotcha covered with the beers we think you’ll love but if it’s not exactly what you’re after, you can contact the concierge service who will work with you to build out the ultimate selection.
A: Just like any fridge, it plugs into a standard power point. It will need air flow around and above it to keep it cool and working.

A: The membership is designed to be used in one location, but we understand plans change. You can coordinate it with us, and for a charge, we will book removalists skilled specifically to move vending machines. Location will need to be agreed prior to, as some surfaces can be tricky (no grass!). Stairs are also something to consider, as this requires additional moving equipment. The machine cannot be moved with stock in it given the additional weight.

A: The machine will be delivered on free vend, meaning it will not take coins or card payments to dispense a beer. If setting up in a licensed premise, you will need to comply with relevant laws, as necessary.

A: You can check out all of the inclusions for each package here: Memberships

A: Please contact us at and someone will be in touch!

A: This is an ever-evolving list! For right now, Craft Cartel members benefit at the following breweries:

NSW: Stockade Brewery Co, Sauce Brewing, Foghorn Brewing
QLD: Slipstream Brewing, Ballistic Beer Co,
SA: Sparkke Beverage Co
VIC: Mornington Brewery, Jetty Road Brewery

We will communicate additional breweries through the membership portal!

Hit Man

A: You’re membership is still the same as it always has been! Our existing 8 pack & 16 pack memberships have just been renamed to “Hitman”. No need to register or purchase anything new, and we’ll continue to send you amazing beers every month or quarter. Should you wish to upgrade to a Wise Guy, you just need to upgrade via your online member portal!


A: You will receive a $20 voucher every month to use on our site. Your membership free shipping rates will apply. Be quick – the voucher is only valid for a month and only one voucher can be used per transaction.

A: Your Craft Cartel keyring you received in the welcome pack is key to everything. Show the staff at the bar and they’ll… sling something your way for just being “in the know”.

A: From the person just starting their craft beer journey, through to the most dedicated hop head out there, we have something for everyone. No other beer subscription service is as all encompassing, there for not only you but your mates as well. We provide incredible value not only in the beers we have available, but in the experience itself. No matter where you are on your craft beer journey, no one must go through the craft beer gauntlet alone. We’ve gotcha covered.

A: New Henchman members receive over $200 of value on sign up. The pack includes an exclusive “Founding Member” T-Shirt (RRP $35), a keyring bottle opener badge, (RRP $9), a Craft Cartel craft beer glass (RRP $15), vouchers and 5x handpicked craft beers.

A newly appointed Wise Guy can expect to receive an even more limited Welcome Pack. A Wise Guy pack includes an exclusive “Wise Guy” T-Shirt, a keyring bottle opener badge, a different and more exclusive Craft Cartel craft beer glass, vouchers and 5x handpicked craft beers (shhhh…. there might even be some limited releases in the mix here!)

A: We’ll send you a $20 voucher to use with us every month. How cool is that? Members also receive 10% off site wide, perks at our brewery partner taprooms and access to partner offers.

A: Yes! Just login in to your dashboard, and under subscriptions, you’ll see a prompt to upgrade.

Wise Guy

A: Our concierge will reach out to you, but if you have any questions or want to book in a time, you can email us at

A: Our concierge is there to help you navigate the craft beer landscape. From securing you awesome prices on favourites, to tracking down the elusive new releases, to securing you a table at a taproom of your choice, we’ve gotcha covered. As a Wise Guy, you will have pre-sale access to all of our new releases, our promotions and campaigns, and our special packs – such as the Brewery Series. Your concierge will be there to secure these on your behalf so you can buy without running the risk of selling out!