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Kaiju Mutation Program Beyond The Black River Barrel-Aged Stout

  • ABV: 11.0%
  • 375ML CAN


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A rich aroma of molasses and vanilla with Pedro Ximenez and rum overtones balanced with cigar box chocolate and candies fig. A generous addition of oats produces a smooth but rounded finish that’s complimented by a complex malt bill


Kaiju has been making (and drinking) beer for a long time – they’re kind of nerdy scientists about it actually. In late 2013 they decided to start making beer professionally and released a double IPA that was a little bit hoppy and got some attention. They’re only as successful as the support they receive, thank you!
There’s three of them– Nat, Callum and Clara. They are all giant nerds and look after different aspects of their craft.
They do everything by hand. Sometimes this is painful because they’re perfectionists and their methods aren’t commercial, but they love it and there’s no other way to get the flavours they want.


Kaiju! Started life as Monster Mash.
Yep. A certain energy drink company didn’t like them using that name, so they changed it. No time for big legal battles here, they’re just little craft producers who want to make good stuff. They like the new name better anyway. It means “strange creature” in Japanese – ones like Godzilla, Mothra, and all the baddies from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Yeah!

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