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La Trappe Gift Pack – 4 Bottles + 1 Free Goblet

  • ABV: 7 – 10%

What’s Included –

1x La Trappe Dubbel
1x La Trappe Tripe
1x La Trappe Quadrupe
1x La Trappe Isid’o
1x Goblet Glass


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La Trappe Dubbel, ABV 7%
Colour: Dark brown with ivory-coloured head.
Aroma: Fruity aroma with dark tones of vanilla, caramel and roasted chocolate.
Taste: La Trappe Dubbel is a classic, dark Trappist ale with a full malty, caramel-sweet taste and a subtle influence of dates, honey and dried fruits.
Aftertaste: Sweet and lightly bitter.

La Trappe Tripel, ABV 8%
Colour: Gold blonde with a white head.
Aroma: Fruity aromas of peach and apricot combined with a floral aroma.
Taste: La Trappe Tripel is a classic Trappist ale with a powerful and full taste. In addition, the ale has a candy sweet and light-malty character.
Aftertaste: Bitter and slightly dry

La Trappe Quadrupel, ABV 10%
Colour: Warm amber-coloured with a crème-coloured head.
Aroma: Hints of cloves and nuts, balanced by the sweet aromas of vanilla, raisins and banana.
Taste: La Trappe Quadrupel is the heaviest ale of La Trappe Trappist ales and is eponymous of this ale style. A full,
warming and intensive taste. Malty with the sweet tones of date and caramel.
Aftertaste: Smooth and light bitter aftertaste.

La Trappe Isid’or, ABV 7.5%
Colour: Amber-coloured with a broken white head.
Aroma: A lovely combination of herbal, floral and fruity aromas.
Taste: La Trappe Isid’or was brewed in 2009 in honour of the 125th anniversary of Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven
Abbey. The harmonious taste starts as a fruity flavour and then shifts to malty caramel; a perfect balance between complexity and simplicity. The ale is named after brother Isidorus, the first master brewer of the abbey.
Aftertaste: Pleasantly bitter.


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