Newstead Sodamouf Soda Ale

  • ALE
  • ABV: 5.6%
  • 500ML CANS
  • BEST BEFORE: 09-04-2021


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Artistic translation through exploratory beer. Sodamouf is the precipitation of a deep passion for pop-nightmare. Attractively gruesome characters, set in a candied reality. Just like this Soda Ale. Based off Sodamouf’s design, the brewing team developed a Soda Ale. Not technically a style, it endeavours to produce a sherbet-like hop aroma, with a light, fizzy mouthfeel. They used hibiscus and blackberries to drive a pinkish hue, without extracting too much fruity flavour. Delicate and tart, its perfect for peering into a world borne of pink and black.


Newstead Brewing Co lives in a 1940s steel warehouse that was built by Skennars coaches. The warehouse was given a new lease when transformed into the Doggett Street Studio in the 1980s. A combination of bus and artistic flare gives the site a wonderfully tranquil, comfortable vibe with lashings of industrial robustness. They have done very little to spruce it up, keeping the original elements as much as possible, with some modern necessities (Big Ass Fans) and large shiny tanks.


Newstead Brewing is the brainchild of the Howes clan (Peter, Heather and Mark) and Michael Conrad forging an unlikely but surprisingly useful pairing of science, fine dining and HR. Michael has owned and run many exceptional venues, such as Restaurant Two and Bistro Three. Peter and Heather started their own small HR business in 1982, which sold to a global brand in 2010.

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