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Old Wives Ales Old Man Yells at Cloud Double NEIPA

  • ABV 9%
  • 375ML CANS


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Double cloudy & juicy, Old Man Yells At Cloud Double is an IPA that focuses on hop flavour rather than bitterness, It’s just double of everything. Loaded with a (almost) stupid amount of Aussie and US hops, this beer is sure to put a smile on the face of even the most cynical hop heads.


Starting out as home-brewers, the boys at Old Wives Ales commandeered soup pots for kit brews and watched on as plastic tubs of murky liquid burped and bubbled in their sheds. It was yellow, it was fizzy, but it wasn’t good. Not in the beginning. But they were learning. They have each earned a first rate home-brewing education in exploding bottles, dead yeast and beer that tasted more like cardboard than malt, taking heart from the fact that slowly but surely, the beer was getting better.


Justin Spicer, co-founder of Old Wives Ales and also the Merri Mashers, discovered his interest in home brewing when a friend invited him to a “brew on premise” venue. He learnt the basics in brewing that night which ignited his passion for craft beer and brewing. Justin soon learned that there were several home brew clubs around Melbourne, however there were not any in the Northern Suburbs. It was this realisation that inspired him to become the inaugural president of a new home brew club two years ago. Merri Mashers now has over 75 members and is one of Victoria’s biggest home brew clubs today.

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