One Drop Mixed Pack

  • ABV: 6.8 – 8.1%
  • 440ML CANS

What’s Included:

13 Beers From One Drop

2× One Drop DDHOatcream DIPA V2
2× One Drop DDH Oat Cream DIPA V3
2× One Drop Hazy IPA
2× One Drop New Wave IPA
2× One Drop Three Cubed West Coast IPA
2× One Drop X Deep Creek Colab Hazy IPA
1× One Drop Twisted Fate DDH Imperial IPA

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One Drop DDH Oatcream DIPA V2, 440ml Can, ABV 8.1%
Soft, Fruity, Cushy AF. A far reaching and satiating hop complexity with a soft recherché of apricot, citrus, passionfruit & coconut. Lactose from Bega, NSW along with an unadulterated focus on achieving a soft and cushy water profile help to take the mouth feels to the nek level. A novel blend of One Drop’s house NEIPA yeast and one from abroad commingle to provide a stone fruit and apricot cushion for your mouth. This is the Second Version in One Drop’s exploration series of this style, and an ode to their Hundredth batch through the brewhouse. Layers upon layers of cream and a smooth stone fruit character make for the most insatiable pillow slurping experience one could hope to fall neck-beard first into.

One Drop DDH Oat Cream DIPA V3, 440ml, ABV 6.8%
Arguably supple, this Version Three of One Drop’s Oat Cream Series is plush and luxe like none before. A far reaching and sensuous gossamer-like hop complexity with a soft redolence of pineapple, peach, candied citrus, and a passionate kiss of cedar. The mostest scientific streamlining of their original ‘Four Way of Oat®’ process has garnered a profoundly efficient NEW ‘One Way of Oat®’ process, contemporaneously with gold-standard single-origin lactose (hailing from nowhere else but 36.6889° S, 149.8416° E), consummate to provide a silken, luscious cushion experience that will troll your tongue garagé. Wads upon layers upon blankets upon duvets of sumptuous cream and piquant passionfruit character make for the most insatiable cloud-slurping experience one could hope to waft bronytail-first into.

One Drop Hazy IPA, 440ml Can, ABV 7.2%
Diggin’ this Hazy IPA with oat and wheat lending a silky smooth soft base of which Sabro, Nelson Sauvin and Vic Secret shine through in all their tropical glory. Fluctuating flavours brought together like a bangin’ fruit salad by One Drop’s house NEIPA yeast. Expect a haze bomb that is silky smooth and gently bitter, with rad hits of pineapple, passionfruit, peach and mango vibin’ to unique notes of coconut and papaya

One Drop New Wave IPA, 440ml Can, ABV 7.2%
Utilising the newest hops and hop products from the new world, One Drop Brewing has put together a clean, bitter, no frills, all-about-the-hops IPA. Past the bitter foundation from Victorian hops, you will find kisses of crystal malt and a mingling of their house ale yeast set the perfect stage for a rapid, infectious, roaring second wave of hop character courtesy of the experimental hops from Tasmania and The Moutere, New Zealand. Ride this wave out with them, grab it with clean hands, and put it in your face hole.

One Drop Three Cubed West Coast IPA, 400ml Can, ABV 6.9%
A West coast IPA with mathematically outrageous amounts of Centennial, Citra, and Mosaic. By utlising 3 different hop products and processes of these 3 types of heavy hitters they are able to bring the old school into the new world. They are on a journey from lofty Pines of Oregon, down through the orange groves by the Sierras, and onward to the tropical Pacific shore where ocean laps this gracious land of IPA. It’s hip to be cubed.

One Drop X Deep Creek Colab Hazy IPA, 440ml Can, ABV 7.3%
This iso-collab pushes beyond borders like Whanau (family) and friends do. It is brewed with single farm, low temperature kilned Riwaka hops straight outta Nelson, New Zealand, then backed up by massive amounts of fresh Victorian Galaxy®, and finally topped off by elusive heavy hitters Strata® and BRU-1™ hops from the Pacific North West. Built upon a blend of malted barley, oats, and wheat, One Drop’s house NEIPA yeast blend© provides a backdrop of beautiful tropical flavour against this godly quartet of hops with their big hits of passionfruit, fresh citrus, pineapple, and bud.

One Drop Twisted Fate DDH Imperial IPA, 440ml Can, ABV 8%
This beer is a celebration of fate, when things just come together… deep gold, with braids of lemon, lime, pear and pine. Spruce, grass, and strands of dank hops entwine beautifully together with big bold malty flavours. Fruity and juicy. Malty and hoppy. Bitter and smooth. From a home brew recipe to now the big rig, and when family meets business, this DDH Imperial IPA brings back a taste of how good it feels when things all perfectly string together. Life can be tumultuous, but throughout, things are always connected in the end and the twisted, turning, knotted journey is by far the best part.

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