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Beer with the Brewer — 7th Day Brewery

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A good Pilsner is one of Australia’s greatest rarities. Sourcing a crisp, amber drop can be like getting blood from a stone, but it’s been Mike’s quest to do just that. With his determination and firm belief that the sublime can be summoned with the crack of a can, Mike rallied a group of mates who were just as daring and curious and crafted what was to become Australia’s most succulent Pilsner.

‘Beer, for good’s sake’

That’s the 7th Day Brewery mission and simply put means, drink good and do good. And we cannot argue with that. We’ve also discovered new beer goals for the home, now to hook up that tap…

1. How was the brewery named? 

Brewing & drinking beer on a Sunday after a hard week’s work with 6 mates who turned into business partners which became 7th Day Brewery. Now after a week of brewing it is a gentle satirical take on the day of rest. On the 7th day, God rested and looked back at what he had created. We like to say BEER is our religion.

2. What beers do you have at home in your fridge now?

I’ve got my XPA and Pilsner on tap at home as well as a bunch of other breweries’ cans. I’m loving the XPAs.

3. Best tip for visiting the brewery?

It would have to be our Pilsner. That’s where it all started and it is still our best seller in the taproom.

4. Pineapple on pizza, YES or NO?

No, Sale Pepe, the woodfired Italian Pizza place next door would kill us!


5. If you can only use one hop for the rest of your life, what is it?

Galaxy, all day XPA’s please. 

6. If you could collaborate with one other brewery, who would you choose?

Our mates Jervis Bay Bay Brewing Co.

7. Some occasions call for the ‘perfect’ beer, what are you reaching for:

  • a beach beer? Pacific Ale/ Hazy Pale
  • an airport beer? Pilsner
  • the end of the day beer? Hazy Mango IPA
  • the ‘best beer with dinner’ beer? Red IPA
  • to kick back and watch sport with? Pale Ale

8. What’s the future of craft and can Craft Cartel beer lovers get on board?

Craft beer has been around for many a year now, and there’s much about a maturing industry that makes it a better place than it was in the earlier years, back when you’d hear people using terms like “boutique beer” or “microbrewery” as much or more than craft.

Now we are getting to a stage where your local craft brewery is much more accessible to a greater crowd of people and the idea of being a local is more about who you support rather than where you live. Hopefully with all the info over socials the public are more aware of what really is craft & how craft compares to the big guys. Support Independent.