Father’s Day Gift Guide


Let the lucky recipient know that their craft beer adventure is about to begin! With every Craft Beer Subscription order, we email you “the purchaser” a schmick designed description of the gift as a PDF, so you can print it out and stuff it in a card.

Forget socks and scratchies, give dad what he really wants. Beer, glorious beer! Or whisky, glorious whisky! Or wine, glorious wine! Anything your dad’s heart could desire (in terms of craft drinks) can be found right here.

We’ve got you covered with this curated collection of 8 of the best Father’s Day gifts, from popular craft beer subscriptions to Aussie red wine gift packs, and unique small batch whiskies, you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll make dad’s day.

All our Father’s Day gifts come with a personalised gift card. For delivery timeframes please see the bottom of this page.

1. Buy Dad A Craft Beer Subscription 
This is our favourite because it’s the most fun. Who wouldn’t want a surprise each month? Especially when that surprise is beer. Give the gift of a craft beer subscription and you’ll be saying ‘Happy Father’s Day’ for three or six whole months.

What dad gets: eight unique beers, hand-selected by us, complete with tasting notes each month. These are bottles and cans of the best craft beer Australia has to offer (plus a few international gems to round out the selection) with stouts, IPAs, sours, and more. The first shipment also includes a personalised gift card from you and a beer glass guide.

Really want to secure your spot as favourite child? Get dad a 16 pack subscription.

2. Pick ‘N’ Mix A Case For Dad
A great gift idea for craft beer enthusiasts, if you know your dad loves his IPAs, Stouts and Porters, why not craft the ultimate mixed case of 16 beers for him? Choose from our wide selection of craft brews. Go heavy on the Aussie crafts, naturally, but throw in a few international beers to round things out. 

After you pick your 16 beers, we box them up with a personalised gift card and ship them out (with free shipping) just about anywhere in Australia. 

3. Know Nothing Of Beer And Need Some Help? Go For A Craft Beer Gift Box
Let us do the heavy lifting. We’ve put together three different gift boxes filled with very good beer. The Classic Craft Box features four easy drinking Australian brews. The Connoisseur Collection invites dad to explore a diverse range of beer styles from IPAs to Sours. And our favourite gift box — the Top 10 Tinnies — comes with ten of the best brews in fun-loving, go-everywhere cans.

4. Is Dad A Beer Expert? Give The Gift Of A Rare Beer
Hop varieties, yeast strains, original gravity, bottle conditioning — your dad knows all there is to know about anything beer-related. It is for exactly this kind of person that we seek out beers which are truly interesting — and truly hard to find. Our rare and speciality beers prove that even beer experts still have new and delicious things to learn. Plus many of these beers come in gift boxes.

5. Take Dad On A Whisky Journey! 
Take dad on a whisky journey around the country! This stylish Australian Whisky Tasting Set features 12 whiskies, many of which have won major awards. It comes with a tasting and inspiration guide containing detailed information about each whisky, profiles on the distilleries and a history of whisky making in Australia.

6. Add A Rare Rum, Gin Or Whisky To His Collection
Small-batch craft spirits have captured the imagination of many, with local producers setting out to create unique flavour profiles by using an array of native botanicals and ingredients. Choose a special small batch run, gin or whisky for dad from our growing collection of Australian craft tipples. 

7. For Dads Who Love Vino! Treat Him To A Aussie Red Wine Trio
If dad enjoys a glass or red wine or two at the end of the day, then why not treat him to our Aussie Red Wine Trio. Hand-picked by Australian wine reviewer and host of 2GB’s Food & Wine Show, Ben Malouf, our Aussie Red Wine Trio features easy drinking Aussie wines from family-owned wineries off the beaten track. Includes tasting notes, personalised gift card and delivery.

8. Still Not Sure? Everyone Loves A Craft Cartel Gift Certificate
Giving your dad one of our gift certificates says: “You’re awesome. You love beer. Here, go crazy.”

First decide how much you want to spend, from a few bottles to a full esky refill, then think of something nice to say on the personalised message. After that, we’ll email the gift certificate to your dad on the day you specify (September 1st is a popular choice).

Father’s Day Delivery Cut-Off Dates

WA and Regional: 16 Aug
SA & TAS Metro: 25 Aug 
VIC & QLD Metro: 26 Aug 
NSW Metro: 30 Aug – Express 01 Sep 

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