Friday Frothies – Hairyman Amburlesque Review

Special Guest Reviewer – Nigel Ayling (Founder of We Love Craft Beer)

Hairyman AmBurlesque
Amber Ale
ABV: 5.8%

Damn this is packed full of flavour. Dark amber in colour with a thin head, on the nose its got a bit of a honey/nectar scent. 

First mouth full gives you big smokey malts attacking your taste buds like Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction saying “I’m sorry did I break your concentration”. This is followed by a big boozy caramel and toffee thick mouthfeel which ends up dancing around your mouth like the Jack Rabbit slims twist contest. 

It’s only 5.8% ABV but I reckon after a few you would feel like Uma Thurman after the overdose. If you like your Ambers big and ballsy get on to this one from Hairyman Brewery. #amber #bigballs