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Friday Frothies – Moon Dog Cake Hole Review

Brad Kingsman’s Friday Staff Pick
Moon Dog Cake Hole Black Forest Stout
ABV: 6.5%

Moon Dog Craft Brewery have always been one to brew crazy concoctions and name them just as brilliantly too!

Cake Hole is a rich and silken stout falling in at 6.5% and it doesn’t stop there…upon the first waft of aromas traveling up your nose you will be soothed with raw cacao and sour cherry lingering in the background.

Now to sip, if your glassful is sitting with a solid head you will get plenty of sour cherry with hints of vanilla and cocoa. If the head has dropped off then you will get more of the darker malt and chocolatey/cocoa goodness.

Certainly a dessert beer, a wee bit decadent but the lower ABV (Alcohol By Volume) makes it drinkable anytime, especially for lovers of Black Forest Cake! Do yourself a favour, get this beer, make sure to pour it into a good glass that will carry those beautiful Black Forest Cake aromas up the olfactory.. and GET IT IN YOUR CAKE HOLE!