Friday Frothies – Moorebeer Big Poppa NEIPA Review

B I G  P O P P A

This may shock some of you this week but I am not reviewing a dark winter beer.

Not because there wasn’t another good one, because there is (stay tuned for that in the coming weeks). But because there was an NEIPA by Moorebeer Brewing Company that I couldn’t stop drooling over.

I cracked this Hazy bad boy the other day and from the first sip I knew that it was a winner.

Hazy, Tropical and Slightly Hoppy, this beer is full of big pineapple and passionfruit vibes and aromas. Smooth as a babies bum and as full as a fat ladies undies – this NEIPA just ticks all the boxes.

A great hazy cloud from the rolled oats and a heap of hops chucked in too but still managing to stay such an amazing colour.

Described as a Adult Fruit Juice Bomb – I could not agree Moore.

Find this, Buy this and Enjoy it.

Great selection for this month!

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed