Friday Frothies – Murray’s Ginni Hendrix Pale Ale Review

Brendan Leenders’ Friday Staff Pick
Murray’s Ginni Hendrix Pale Ale
ABV: 4.6%

In October 2016, a fire ripped through their brewery in Port Stephens, but that didn’t stop Murray and his team from powering forward. They then went on to establish a distillery to complement their winery and brewery. 

Ginni Hendrix Pale Ale was produced as their GABS beer this year, after they decided to utilise their newest product.

This gin infused pale ale, exudes the aromatic botanicals that are reminiscent of a refined spirit; somewhat overpowering any hops (which is a good thing). Pouring a darker pale with aromas of thyme and berries, the mouthfeel lingers long after. A sharp initial palate hit, as if you weren’t thinking the gin would come through as much, then a thicker and viscous citrus burst.

A combination, that just works. This is one “Foxey Lady”.