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Temple Brewing Weston St IPA

Friday Frothies – Temple Brewing Weston St IPA Review

Another week down.

Another few subscription beers demolished.

This week’s beer of choice from the Craft Cartel Subscription is the Weston St IPA by Temple Brewing.

A modern take on a classic West-Coast IPA which is full of hops in taste and smell.

The great thing about this 7.4% IPA is not only the alcohol content but the way that all the hops that are used compliment each other in all of our senses. They give off a beautiful fruity aroma and a fruity bitterness, which are both complimented by a picture perfect colour in the glass.

From the first sip, you feel like you have been hit in the face with a bag of hops which is what you need in a West-Coast IPA. The combination of the four hops that are used create a sweet citrusy, florally flavour with a big hint of pine upfront and a bitterness that is second to none.

I read an article during the week about IPA’s giving ‘Hop Burn’, which is a good way to describe a bad, overpowering IPA, but rest assured this is the perfect amount of West-Coast bitterness.

If you cannot handle a hoppy beer, I would steer away from this as it is a little more complex than your standard easy drinking IPA. But if you love a good West-Coast IPA, make sure you give this a crack. It really is the Brunswick take on a classic.