Want to learn how to sail? Join a sailing club! Become an expert putter? A golf club is surely the go. Want access to craft beer, great craft beer? Then a craft beer club is definitely for you! 

But where should you start, and what should you expect from a beer club membership? Well great craft beer is a good start (obviously), but the opportunity to try different beer styles, limited releases and off the beaten track gems is a must! Not sure what you should be tasting? Tasting notes help guide you through what can otherwise be a daunting journey. 

At Craft Cartel, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are on your craft beer journey. 

We have a range of plans that ensure great beers are delivered to your door every month or every quarter. Want beers hand selected from our craft beer loving team? We’ve gotcha covered? Know exactly what you love and want to make sure you never miss out? We’ve gotcha covered? Want a personalised contact to talk nothing but beer to each month? We’ve gotcha covered. 

But there is more to being a Craft Cartel membership than just the beer. There are a range of benefits that, when used correctly, means that your membership pays for itself many times over; 

Free Shipping: Starting from as low as $30 for our top tier members, you can, in reality never pay for shipping again. And let’s face it, shipping, who likes paying for shipping?! 

First Access to Beers: Over the years, we have heard time and time again that there is nothing worse than wanting a new beer, only to go to your favourite retailer and realising you are too late. The other beer lovers in the area have sneakily gotten in before you. Well, with a Craft Cartel beer club membership, you can jump the que. We always email our members with great new product releases and deals so you never miss a trick. 

Special Brewery Perks: There is nothing finer in life than having the red carpet rolled out when you enter a room. It’s even better when that room is filled with taps that pour the nectar of the gods. With a Craft Cartel beer club membership, you’ll open doors. Whether its pints at schooner prices or free (yes FREE) beer at a range of great breweries, it’s just another way that we’ve gotcha covered. 

Discounts Galore: You’ve found the perfect beer. The one that will change your life forever, well at least for the next month anyway! Beer club members all receive a 10% discount off purchases, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The way we look at it, the more you drink (responsibly), the more you save! 

So if any or all of the above perks seem like they whet your whistle, then jump on and join thousands of others who have treated themselves to a craft beer membership lie no other, and remember, no matter what your craft beer taste of proclivity, we’ve gotcha covered! 

The Memberships


Perfect for those looking to get started on their craft beer journey. Believing there is a perfect beer for everyone, Henchman status will supercharge your discovery with unrivalled value and inclusions.

We’ve gotcha covered.

 $25 A MONTH

Hit Man

A special delivery from the Hitman. 8x Beers will land on your doorstep – showcasing the new and upcoming, breweries best at their styles, and reliable favourites.

We’ve gotcha covered.


Wise Guy

What's Included

16 fresh beers (2×8)
Delivered to your door
Access to all members perks!


We’ve gotcha covered.