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Aether Summer of Sour Ironbark Smoked Apricot

  • SOUR
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • 375ML CANS
  • BEST BEFORE: 12/10/2021


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Ironbark Smoked Apricot has a distinct Ironbark smoked aroma with the sweetness of the apricot showing in behind it. The smoke matches almost perfectly with the sourness creating a strange and intriguing sensation on the palate. The apricot and sweetness round out the overall experience and leave you both intrigued and wanting more.


Established in 2016, Aether Brewing is the realised dream of owners Dave & Annie Ward. Fuelled by a lifelong obsession with making great beer, when the opportunity arose to make the dream a reality, they seized it and haven’t looked back.  Aether has been a journey, driven by unrelenting passion for good beer and guided by the expression of creativity through new, exciting and boundary pushing beers and concepts.

Inspired by the word ‘quintessence’ or the mysterious fifth element, Aether Brewing cultivates this unknown essence in the magic they bring to their beers. From the moment you lay eyes on their tins, to the moment you hear that satisfying click of pulling back the tab and smelling the aromas of unique flavours, to sitting back and relaxing with that well-earned beer, you know you’ve found something worth savouring.


If you’re around at the right time, you can watch part of the brewing and bottling process at Aether Brewing. And any other time, they’re happy to show you around, and tell you all about their ingredients and their processes. They don’t keep secrets. They just keep making great beer.

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