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Alvinne Undressed

  • SOUR
  • ABV 6.90%
  • 330ML BOTTLE


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For the benefit of our members who have yet to fully embrace the joys of sour beers, here is your customary sour beer alert!

For those who delight in the eye-squinting and mouth-puckering nature of sours, you’ll be containing excited anticipation. Undressed Foederbier is a rustic old style brown ale.  Brewed as a normal beer, it picks up the sourness from the time spent in the foeder (a very large 600 litre oak barrel previously used to aged wine).

This beer is ‘undressed’ in the sense it is taken straight form the foeder and put into package.  There is no blending or adding of any other ingredients.  The beer pours really quite still, and whatever head you can agitate from your pour settles quickly.

Slightly sweet on the nose with the tell-tale lactic acidity and wooden barrel notes.  This follows through in the taste, where early red fruits and sweet malts give way to a solid sour acidity.  Black currants, plums, cherries, wood, vinegar, chocolate and a little spice make for a strong combination of flavours.  Very little hop bitterness but a lingering tart finish that just itches your gums a little; encouraging the next sip.

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