Friday Frothies – Rodenbach Fruitage Review

How could I go past this pint sized like can for a Friday Frothy Review?

Rodenbach are the pinnacle when it comes to fruit flavoured beers (especially cherry). I have had their Sour Cherry before and it was absolutely incredible, so the chance to have another Rodenbach just gives me tingles.

As I cracked this little tinnie and poured it into my cup, the thick cherry aroma filled the kitchen and you could almost smell it back in Belgium.

Pours thick as well, with a nice juice (with pulp) feel about it.

But the best part comes when you drink it…

This is by far the most flavoursome beer I have ever had the privilege of drinking and I am 80% sure they have replaced the beer with a beautiful cherry juice.

This is an absolute delight to drink. There is something Rodenbach do that is just a step above everyone else, whether it be their barrel ageing or their brewing process. But whatever it is, I hope they keep doing it. 

Their beers are phenomenal.

Until next week.

Happy Drinking!

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Reviewed by Special Guest Reviewer @brewtifully_brewed