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Stockade brewery started in 2013 initially starting out as Macarthur Grange Brewery, which was a wordplay on a great Australian pioneer and the physical location of their Brauhaus (brewery). From plotting around with a series of beers that are both modern and classic at the same time, combining traditional European styles with Australian ingredients and flavours. 

The German brother has undoubtedly left his mark all over the brewery and the beer, the brewery ensure on only the highest quality ingredients, no sugars for high-speed fermentation, and no preservatives to destroy the purity of the beer. 

From humble beginnings in the Smeaton Grange, New South Wales the Macarthur range was retired in 2015 becoming the Stockade Brew Co. Stockade are certainly a more adventurous brand and from here boy did they take flight!

Millions of Peaches, Peaches For Me
Stockade’s first seasonal creation was a fourteenth-century Germany Saison-style beer, brewed with 200 kilograms of peaches! In 2018 they went on to open the industrial-chic drinking den in Sydney’s inner west. Still the focus remains on creating the best beer for all. Just like the use of peaches, these guys do not do things in halves – we love the bright bold striking graphic beer labels and packaging. 

During its four years in business, Stockade has rolled out an impressive roster of core and limited edition award-winning brews. The enduringly popular annual release ‘The Mountie’ won GABS (Great Australian Beer Spectapular) Consumer Choice in 2017: and ‘Splicer’ – a Grapefruit XPA won a Gold Medal at this year’s AIBAs (Australian International Beer Awards). 

All For Beer, Beer For All
Stockade Brew Co is a brewery that is accessible to all, just as their straight-shooting motto states: ‘All for Beer, Beer for All!’ and that sums up the team’s approach to the amber liquid: their focus is simply to craft beer that quenches every thirst.

That means the team design craft beers for everyone, beer nerds, non-beer nerds, beer enthusiasts, and whatever a good beer means to you and your taste buds. At Craft Cartel Liquor we’ve gotcha covered with pale ales, beers with tropical fruit citrus aromas, or caramel malt flavours that can be discovered in our range of Stockade.

The beer at Stockade is brewed for all tastes. There are no barriers. Whether you drink smooth, drink hoppy, drink easy, bitter sour, or rich, a Stockade beer will suit your style. 

Beer Fans and Best Brews
Located in Marrickville, Sydney the Stockade Brew Co’s location influences their craft beers as the bubbling local community of brewers and beer fans constantly inspire Stockade to be creative – it fuels their motivation to brew their best. It is here, amongst one of the biggest barrel-aging programs in the state the Stockade team play, trial, and experiment on beer and where their one-offs and small batches are made and released. 

Stockade brew with quality and love that delivers happy, surprising, intriguing, but most of all, refreshing craft beers. Whether you love lager, sip stouts or if you have a penchant for pales, your thirst will be quenched.

Best Sunday Sessions in Sydney
The barrel room bar, in our opinion, is one of the best places in Sydney for quenching that thirst. This slick, stylish venue will impress any beer nerd (or non-beer nerd!) and the easy drinking crafties will go down smoothly on a Sunday session here.

Brightly coloured tanks adorned with Stockade graphics stand impressively behind seating areas, the large open industrial-chic space is divided by walls of wooden barrels filled with aging liquid gold. (AKA heaven).

There is always something new and interesting on pour; it is pretty much guaranteed a small batch exclusive will be on tap. And we’ve heard word that Stockade Brew Co has a new Limited coming out, The Raspberry Burst! A deliciously refreshing fruity Berliner Weisse that they are super proud of! And of course, the cracking core range of everyday drinkers is always available, plus you can even order beer-based cocktails. This place has it all in spades.

When Beer Takes Flight
Take a flight through the core range or enjoy one of the Craft Cartel’s all-time faves, the Stockade Brew Co Flight Path. This craft beer showcases the very best hops from Australia & New Zealand and is a full-flavoured, medium-bodied Aussie pale ale. Boasting fresh tropical fruit notes that sit on top of a biscuit and aromatic malt backdrop, Stockade Brew Co Flight Path is an easy drinking pale that will make you a frequent flier and we are all keen to take off time in lockdown!

Beer-fan favourite Stockade Brew Co limited release lands each year. One which we’ve often counted down the hours until it lands. Old Money, a Royal Russian Stout with a long lineage of rich coffee, velvety chocolate, and smooth vanilla the anticipation for a stout that you wouldn’t miss for quids!

Another true thirst-quencher is the Stockade Brew Co 8-Bit, this big, bitter West Coast-style IPA provides a full-tilt hop hit with citrus and sweet malt that delivers this big bitterness with a high hops, citrus flavours and floral aromas.

For an explosion of incredible tropical aromas and sweet malt flavour don’t go past the Stockade Chop Shop Pale Ale which has so much going on in the first sip….and every sip after that. 

Crafty, inclusive, and innovative; Stockade Brew Co’s team pride themselves on an ethos of always challenging the status quo and continuing to explore the ever-changing global craft beer landscape, which has led to them winning over 50 craft beer industry awards. We are proud to support Stockade Brew Co in our crafty cartel!

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