The A to Z of Australian Craft Breweries

Looking for a new craft beer to rave about? Why not try something from your own backyard?
Australia has got some great craft beer and craft beer breweries, with Craft Cartel picking only the best of the best to work with and sell the amazing beers they’ve got on offer.  

Check out our list of Aussie breweries below!

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There’s a long standing history of brewing beer in Australia. The first Australian brewery was actually started in Tasmania in 1824, Cascade Brewing, and is still in operation today, over 200 years later! From off the boat of The Endeavour as a way of preserving drinking water, beer has flourished in the Aussie community as a house-hold staple and cultural icon. 

The 1980s first started Australia’s modern craft brewing journey, with the opening of the Sail and Anchor Pub Brewery in Fremantle, Western Australia (1984). With a steady increase of craft brewery openings from then on (an average of 5 a year), the Australian craft beer brewing community grew to the massive size it is today. In the early to mid-2000’s is when it started getting all funky and experimental though, with places like Redoak Boutique Beer Café early on, and Stone and Wood, 4 Pines Brewing Co. and others later on producing the cool and creative beers we know and love today! 

And our Aussie craft beer history hasn’t slowed by any means. All of these craft breweries- and many more newbies- are constantly making our favourite pale ales, IPAs, stouts and sours, as well as new concoctions and beer styles the old blokes at the pub haven’t even heard of!


Craft beer may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the benefit of craft brewing is that beer is not the only thing to be made. Aussie brewing companies offer up so much more than just their core range of beer these days, with kombucha, seltzers and even non-alcoholic beers all being able to be produced within the same brewery. 

The other side of craft breweries is the business. Independent breweries, micro-breweries, brewpubs (the list goes on) are all a great way to ensure variety in beer style, taste and experimentation, a diversity that has not been overlooked at Craft Cartel. The demand for difference, for something new or completely out-there is increasing everyday, and Aussie brewing companies are filling their boots making all sorts of cool thirst-quenchers for their fans. In the physical sense, a brewery is a big part of the local community it stands in. Breweries bring tourism, provide opportunities for other small businesses- think food trucks, bands and entertainment- and are perfect for community engagement.  And what’s better than visiting the place where your favourite beer gets brewed? Going to a brewery should be on everyone’s to do list, summer or winter. You can bask in the sunshine with outdoor seating at a brewery (and usually your dog can join you!) or cosy up and drink a warming stout as a band plays. 

Visiting a brewery is good for a session of your top of the list pale ales, or to taste test your next favourite with a paddle or a pony. The best part is, a brewery usually comes stocked with the best food pairings for all the beers they have on offer, allowing your palate to sing as all the flavours of the hops, malts, yeasts meld with a delicious burger or wood fired pizza. 


At Craft Cartel, we’ve got mountains of Aussie beer for you to taste test or session with. From east coast to west coast, New South Wales, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin, you name it, we’ve got a beer from there! 

A great way to get a taste of our full range of Aussie beer is through our Craft Beer Subscription. You’ll get 8 (or 16!) unique beers, hand-selected by us, complete with tasting notes each month. These are bottles and cans of the best craft beer Australia has to offer (plus a few international gems to round out the selection) with stouts, IPAs, sours, and more. The first shipment also includes a personalised gift card from you and a beer glass guide. What better way to experience and experiment than to try out every Aussie beer you can! Check out our Craft Beer Subscription page for more info.  

If you’re looking for a one-off package that’s great for an afternoon session, look no further than our Beer Boxes. We’ve got amazing beer boxes that cater toward every kind of beer drinker, the amateur, the connoisseur and the all-rounder aussie who’s in need of a good tinnie. The perfect way to try out a selection of local beer is through a mixed pack, delivered straight to your door! 

The Classic Craft Box features four easy drinking Australian brews, made by a wide range of Aussie Craft Breweries around the country. For the quintessential Aussie in need of some beer-diversity, our classics will inspire a foolproof BBQ or afternoon session! The Connoisseur Collection will invite you to explore a diverse range of beer styles from IPAs to Sours. This collection might contain your new favourite brew! 

And our favourite mixed box, of course, is  — the Top 10 Tinnies —  that comes with ten of the best brews in fun-loving, go-everywhere cans. Packed full of tinnies that have been awarded and accoladed as the best of the best, the beer doesn’t get better than this. Award-winning craft beers are regulars in this box, with tasting notes and, of course, the taste-test, proving exactly the need for a trophy. 


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